Peace, Love and Harmony

Here’s a simple project using Splash Inks and Oil Pastels, specifically the white pastel.

On some watercolor card stock I took the white pastel and drew a peace sign, then a heart, and last, a yin-yang symbol.


Next, using the Splash Ink formula guide I mixed some cool colors (again like in my previous post about glazing, I used the Niji Waterbrush as a water dropper). On the peace sign I wanted a kind of tye-dye effect, so I painted a swirl at first, then made splatters and took a softer watercolor brush and blended the colors. Because oil and water don’t mix the peace symbol came through and I really liked the effect.



To symbolize Harmony I took the yin-yang symbol and did the same process with purple tones and pale yellow to make the oil paster stand out on the paper.


Finally for Love, I know, it’s cliché but I had to use the heart. Simplicity is my middle name (okay, not literally).


And there you have it, my wish for the coming new year. Peace, Love and Harmony to all.