2014-Year of the Horse


I’m usually not so together that I can get out Christmas cards on time so I try to at least do a New Year design which gives me until mid January to get something out. So here is my process for the next New Year. It’s going to be the year of the horse in the Chinese zodiac calendar (the Japanese adopted this too).


I started with a scrap piece of Yuzen Origami Paper and a plain watercolor paper (card stock). I glued it onto the edge of the paper with Nori Paste.


I then drew a stylized horse using a PermaWriter Markers (07).


I added the numbers 2014 so that the horse is looking towards it.


To make it a little abstract I ink in shapes to divide the card into interesting spaces. Then with the ink pen I color in black every other space. Like so:



I even had the did it to the origami paper side.


After the inking was done I thought it was a little plain. It needed color. Originally I was going to use Splash Inks for today’s project but because of the yuzen origami paper with the bits of gold ink I thought I need to use something that would match the shimmer.


Niji Pearlescent Watercolors was the perfect solution. I love all the different colors.



After painting all the white spaces different colors using my Niji waterbrush I thought design still needed another element to make it look more finished.


My favorite, metallic Gel Xtreme Pens!

Happy New Year, but first… Mele Kalikimaka which is Merry Christmas in Hawaiian. Can you believe I had to learn that hula last week? I’m no dancer so it wasn’t pretty, but it was fun.


Origami Bunny Collage

daimyobunnyfinal Today’s project is making a collage illustration using Yasutomo’s beautiful origami paper. What you need: Archival Chipboard, which I also gessoed hard and soft pencils and tracing paper Yasutomo Sumi Ink and watercolor paint brush Nori Paste scissors I start the project with a quick thumbnail sketch. I chose to do an Asian bunny theme to go with the origami paper I will use.

.bunny1sketch origami-paper

I redraw my daimyo bunny onto my gessoed chipboard that I have cut into a square. Then I trace it. On the reverse side of the tracing paper I retrace it again and then on the first side I go over the line work with a soft pencil so I can draw patterns onto origami paper.


I redraw parts onto origami paper on the reverse side using the tracing paper pattern and the hard pencil. It should be mirror to the original so that when cut out the origami design side will be the correct shape.


back side of origami paper

I paste each piece with the Yasutomo Nori paste which dries clear. When it’s all pasted down I waited over night to make sure the paste was completely dry before going over the drawing with my brush and sumi ink.



Of course I didn’t want my little scraps of beautiful origami paper to go to waste.


Have fun with your own design.